AffinityProteome Events

Upcoming Events

The Affinity Proteome project ended in February 2012, there will be no further events.

Past Events

AffinityProteome Final Reporting Meeting
The final reporting meeting was held in Zurich, 23 – 24 February 2012.
ESF/Affinomics Workshop on Affinity Proteomics

The AffinityProteomics consortium was represented at the ESF/Affinomics Workshop on Affinity Proteomics (Alpbach, March 2011). This meeting was the 5th in a series of ESF/EU workshops on Affinity Proteomics, previously held in Cambridge 2004, Uppsala 2005, and Alpbach 2007 and 2009.

The workshop reviewed methods for generation and quality control for binding reagents and applications in high-throughput proteomics. For more details, see the Workshop program.

Mid-term Review Meeting
The consortium partners met for the mid-term (18 months) review meeting in Heidelberg, 8th and 9th November 2010.
The AffinityProteome consortium organized a symposium titled ‘Probing the Proteome with Binders’ at the 4th ESF conference on Functional Genomics and Disease in Dresden (April 16th, 2010). The session was chaired by Mike Taussig and the program was:

  • Mike Taussig (BBT): Introduction to EU binder projects
  • Andreas Plückthun (UZH): Stable binding proteins by design and evolution: towards a modular recognition code
  • Jörg Hoheisel (DKFZ): Functional genomics and proteomics in cancer research
  • Mats Gullberg (OLINK): Interaction-based protein biomarkers.

AffinityProteome Kickoff

The AffinityProteome Kickoff Meeting and 1st Steering Committee Meeting were held in Alpbach, Austria, on March 22, 2009. Topics discussed included the workplan, project finances, IP rights, and communications strategy.

ProteomeBinders is a Coordination Action funded under the EC 6th Framework Programme. A forerunner of AffinityProteome, the project documents the current state of the art in binder-based proteomics and plans ahead for setting up a comprehensive infrastructure of protein binding molecules against human proteome targets.